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We have coaches from all fighting backgrounds that can help you to get better at the Martial Arts discipline that you want to get better at. We offer Boxing, BJJ, Kickbooxing, Karate and MMA. Visit our scedule page to find out when you can join a class.



In boxing people only fight with their fists under fixed rules. Precise technique, timing and speed, as well as mental strength and endurance are essential for successful boxing. The training consists of punching technique, footwork and boxing-specific fitness drills. The basic techniques are learned on punch pads, sandbags and in partner exercises. Advanced students can test their skills in sparring with their training partners.
Boxing is an excellent fighting system that leads to fitness, confidence, and willpower. No matter whether young or old, woman or man, everyone is welcome with or without previous knowledge!



Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is both martial arts and self-defense. The peculiarity of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) lies in the renunciation of punch and kick and the concentration on clinch and ground fighting techniques. BJJ is a further development of Kodokan Judo. The basic concept of BJJ is to enable a physically inferior and thus currently weaker person to be able to defend himself successfully against a larger and stronger attacker. The fight is brought to the ground through effective throwing techniques and take-downs, in order to force the opponent to submit by using articulated levers and strangleholdings. At the beginning, BJJ was only operated for the purpose of self-defense, but later developed into a competitive sport.
Demanding technical drills together with flexibility and movement exercises form the basis of the training. In the final ``rolling``, the free fighting at the end of the training, the techniques learned can be used risk-free and according to the desired intensity.



Like boxing, muay thai or karate, kickboxing is a type of striking. Striking and kicking techniques are combined and used in combinations. A hybrid style based on Dutch kickboxing is taught: techniques of boxing, muay thai and kicking from the hard-hitting martial arts Taekwondo, Savate and sport karate are combined into one style. The training consists of punching and kicking techniques that are practiced on the sandbag or in partner exercises on the claws and is completed by stretching, shadow boxing and sparring. Kickboxing is an excellent full body workout combined with fighting technique. With or without previous knowledge, anyone who wants can join at any time. We don't train against each other!




Karate is a centuries-old self-defense system whose origins lie in Okinawa and Japan. We teach traditional karate in the style of Shito-Ryu Shukokai. Here KIHON, KATA, BUNKAI and KUMITE are learned and trained. The connections between the individual “disciplines” become clearer and more understandable for the students with increasing progress and their level of belt. Karate can be practiced as a self-defense system or as a martial art. The training is very broad, the practitioners are trained equally in all areas of karate and each student is given the opportunity to choose a training direction, be it traditional or sporty. In addition, conveying the traditional values of this martial art is particularly important to us. The training is characterized by a familiar atmosphere, mutual respect and having fun doing sports together. Karate is considered a health sport. The training, which is both physically and cognitively demanding, ensures a higher level of fitness, self-confidence and improves general well-being.



Learn to fight like Jon Jones, Connor McGregor or Holly Holm. The supreme discipline of all martial arts. Mixed martial arts is a competitive sport and an excellent self-defense system; so MMA makes use of almost all combat systems and uses their most effective techniques. Elements from muay thai, boxing, wrestling, BJJ, sambo, judo, karate and taekwondo can be found in MMA. MMA is relatively free in its execution, so it enables each fighter to create his own style, to focus on personal strengths in combat and thus to develop individually. Learn to defend yourself, get Fit and Have fun!


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