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CrossFit is more than training. It’s a lifestyle characterized by effective and safe exercising and sound nutrition. CrossFit can be used to accomplish many goals, from improved health to weight loss to better performance. Crossfit is for everyone — people who are just starting out and people who have trained for years.




SECURITY, DISCIPLINE, RESPECT, COURAGE and TRANSFER OF VALUES for children In the practical part of karate lessons, KIHON (basic techniques), KATA (form run) and KUMITE (free fight) are taught. In the theoretical part, social skills, values, security and conflict management are discussed.
The children are encouraged, but also challenged and can work out and satisfy the play instinct; they do sport and are optimally supported in their development. Training takes place in performance and age-specific groups.
The training should make the children fun and keep them fit. The goals are to build up a good physical constitution and to prepare for mentally difficult challenges in present and later life. But discipline is also at the top of the lesson plan.
Shy children learn to act out of themselves in a group and livelier children learn to integrate.



RESILIENCE AND DETERMINATIONIn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) there is no punching or kicking. Throwing and clinching techniques are trained in standing and control positions on the floor. Thanks to the natural sequences of movement, children in particular make rapid progress and quickly enjoy their first training successes. BJJ is very strenuous, stamina and determination are trained on the side, as children have a natural and healthy ambition to win.
MOTOR SKILLS AND PHYSICAL FITNESSThe training trains the understanding of one's own body, physical limits can be tested and coordination and physical fitness contribute to positive and healthy development.

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Kickboxing is the perfect martial arts workout! Boxing and kicking techniques are practiced in a relaxed atmosphere. Kickboxing is a martial art that is taught to children as a pointfighting system (no contact). The older the trainee gets, the more contact with the partner is allowed. In the kickboxing lessons, you can kick and box with a suitable intensity: Strong against the punch pad, fast and technically trained in shadow boxing or in a controlled manner with your partner.


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CrossFit for children aims at holistic movement training. In times of cell phones, sedentary lifestyles and computer games, children are given an improved body awareness.

The basis for fitness, strength, balance and a healthy lifestyle is laid in childhood and adolescence. CrossFit Training aims to promote and develop agility, balance, maximum strength, speed strength and strength endurance in children.

The positive effects of physical activity have an impact in all areas of life and are particularly important for children.

The training includes sprint training, gymnastics exercises, calisthenics, weight lifting, movement drills and balance exercises.

CrossFit training is the perfect complement to other sports, be it golf, soccer, skiing or tennis. The children become stronger, faster and more athletic and mentally balanced; So overall fitter and often even better in her other sports.




Learn to fight like Jon Jones, Connor McGregor or Holly Holm. The supreme discipline of all martial arts. Mixed martial arts is a competitive sport and an excellent self-defense system; so MMA makes use of almost all combat systems and uses their most effective techniques. Elements from muay thai, boxing, wrestling, BJJ, sambo, judo, karate and taekwondo can be found in MMA. MMA is relatively free in its execution, so it enables each fighter to create his own style, to focus on personal strengths in combat and thus to develop individually. Learn to defend yourself, get Fit and Have fun!


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